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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Breaking Radio Silence

We have a pair of new posts in the offing plus (possibly) a few more WDMA updates on the way.

This blog is not about politics. But. I feel moved to weigh in on a subject that is moving the moment.

Donald Trump was not my choice of President.  I wasn't too thrilled with the other choice, either. When Trump won, by whatever means he won by, I was willing to give the guy a chance.  Some of his ideas did not make me gag. And you never know, sometimes organizations and institutions can be improved by a little outside thinking, no matter how out of the box creative or seemingly destructive it might be. We only have one President. We should all hope he does well.

I'm done.

He sucks.

I personally know several people who would make a better President than Donald J. Trump. I could have said this about W also, but to be honest, W was marginally qualified and my personal acquaintances are not.

Donald J Trump is less accomplished and less qualified to be President than several of my pals. And that doesn't really say much about my pals.  I would make a better President than this clown. I've never even thought that before.

My dick would make a better President than Trump. My dick would not insult the Germans and the Australians.  My dick would not cheer on Le Pen. My dick would not get anywhere near Marine Le Pen. And my dick would certainly not attempt to start a war with North Korea.

Optimally the President of the United States should be a great man. And if not great, they should at least be good men. As several administrations have proven, the country can survive a lot of all thumbs handling. Our survival does not depend on the executive's personal greatness or goodness. I certainly would have no objections to simple growing pains or the occasional stumble. But when someone cannot perform up to the remedial standards of my dick, they have to go.

We are on the resistance train from here on out,

Sunday, March 19, 2017

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update


Snag inflicts Tangle damage on a target. It wraps up the target and makes it impossible for them to use their limbs. It is a net or webbing or an enveloping force. It can be combined with FLING or defined as a separate attack. Activation requires a standard combat stunt roll (ACC v. DODGE) and inflicts Tangle on a successful result. There are some powers such as SHIELD, SLIMESKIN and MOLECULAR CONTROL which may negate the effects of this ability.

Mechanics: When combined with FLING, has the same range as FLING. This power can only inflict Tangle on one target per application. At its base cost of 10 plus the level’s ACT.  SNAG has a range of SAVE in meters and inflicts Tangle equal to the ACT in dice. A target’s DEFL rating does not reduce the Tangle inflicted by SNAG. SNAG is not intended as an area of effect attack. It is primarily for use against human sized and human-like targets. It can build up material at a rate of ½ ACT in square meters of material per action, but this is only useable against one target. (A car, for example.) If you want to tangle something bigger, you need a more powerful and versatile ability. This power is essentially a net or super flypaper.

Additives To Power:
Range: May be increased by SAVE in meters for 5 points per.
Tangle: May be increased by 1 dice for every 3 points.

Alternative Power

The power to suck people into the Earth. Bury functions similar to SNAG, however its effects and net tangle inflicted are dependent on circumstances. Bury is single target and can entirely engulf and sink a man-sized target up to the ACT in meters into the ground or a surface. Bury only actually functions if the surface under the target is deep enough to contain it. Otherwise it acts something like a trap door, depositing the target on the floor below where the target had been standing.

Mechanics: Cost 25 points plus ACT. Power may be projected at targets up to SAVE in meters away. Power uses a standard combat roll to affect a target.

Use the following to determine possible tangle: 5 points per meter of loose sand or dust; 25 points per meter of Earth; 50 points per meter of concrete or bedrock; 75 points per meter of steel. Unlike standard tangle, the total will diminish as it is damaged (or, one imagines, the target is digging himself out).

Note: Targets may need special defenses just to survive being buried alive. An unprepared target is likely to suffocate within a minute or so. Targets endowed with DIG or some other powers may be able to escape without needing to dig out. This power only functions on targets which are standing on or adjacent to a surface. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

(Focus Boost)

This is the fiction version of a focusing and centering discipline common to Zen, Yoga and other eastern teachings. In the fictional version, it creates a temporary boost in the user’s physical abilities. The boost lasts all of one action. The power may be used up to three times a day, however the applications must be spaced at least an hour apart.

Mechanics: Power cost 30 points plus linked ACT. Each time Chi is activated, the following bonuses come into effect for one full action.
·         All previous damage the user has had inflicted on him is healed to full.
·         User’s MPS is boosted by SAVE
·         User receives a plus of the ACT to all stunt rolls
·         User has an effective LIFT of at least Mutant or two levels higher than normal, whichever is higher.
·         User breaks the hold of all mentally controlling influences and is freed of all tangle or bonds.
·         User gains a temporary boost in HTK and STUN of the linked SAVE
·         One of the user’s attacks is boosted by the ACT in dice
·         User is entitled to a second HTH Attack at full damage potential if he succeeds in a first attack.
·         User is entitled to a bonus attack on any target that he has stunned.
·         User is entitled to a bonus attack on another target if he knocks a target unconscious.
·         User gains the ability FLING, IMPROVISED WEAPON and THROW ANYTHING. Range is equal to the SAVE in meters.  

·         User’s DODGE is boosted to Omega level. 

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

Arcane assault
or impairment

The ability to project an object, item or autonomous event which in some way impairs the function of a person or area.  The ability is intended as a shorthand for several powers with the same net results, generally descriptive of the effects of mystical spells. It is also descriptive of certain diseases or impairing conditions. On the direct level, it’s causing someone’s skin to erupt with boils or some similar malady. On the indirect level, it is creating a giant flaming hand which floats about attempting to clutch and crush the life out of the user’s enemies. Or it is a created unicorn that trots around emitting a healing aura. It can also be sticky webbing blocking the way through a hallway or a floor made impassible by the appearance of a layer of flaming grease. It is the power to make something appear which then has some effect on the target. In many ways this power is similar to INHIBITOR, CREATION and ELEMENTAL CONTROL, although it is far less versatile and powerful. The effects of Arcane Assault are short term.

Mechanics:  Power is available in three varieties of magnitude.
·         Minor: This ability cost 20 points plus the linked SAVE if the ability has only one set effect. (It is always a disembodied flaming hand.)
·         Standard: It cost 50 points plus the linked SAVE if the power performs a number of related functions. (It can coat surfaces and create barriers.)
·         Major: It cost 75 points plus SAVE without limitations.  

Possession of Arcane Assault entitles the user to either a bonus of ACT to the DEFL Score or a bonus of SAVE to HTK.


·         Causes the ACT in dice of damage per action. The damage potential can be invested in a created object (the giant flaming fist) which then attacks on its own, or it can be inflicted against a target directly. Inflicted targets are entitled to a defensive roll using an applicable level (usually CON, but it can be any level the Judge decides). If the target fails his roll, he takes full damage without subtracting DEFL. (Your skin just broke out in bleeding hives.) If the target succeeds, no damage is allocated. As opposed to damage, the power could also heal or inflict tangle at the same rate.

·         Impairs movement into, out of, or through an area. Persons going into the area most roll against the power’s linked level. The roll uses the highest of SPEED, AGIL or STR as the active level and the power’s level as the defending level.

·         Impairs a target’s ability to make an attack, causing the target a minus of the ACT to the target’s Combat Stunt Roll or Initiative Roll. May also be used to cause a similar minus to a specific stunt. (Such as picking a lock.)

·         Creates HTK of SAVE for an object which causes the effect. The created object has an ACC and DODGE of Mutant. It has no DEFL score.

·         Impairs a specific function innate to the target. The effect impairs the deployment of a power or the ability to move or the target’s senses. It does not impact the target’s cognitive abilities.

·         Imparts SAVE in MPS to the created object

·         Increases area of effect by ACT in square meters. This function is limited to non damage causing functions.

The range the power may be projected is equal to the SAVE in meters.

The duration of the effect is 1-6 actions. The duration of the ability is determined randomly at the time the power is deployed.

The stunt roll to attack with this power uses a standard Combat Stunt Roll

Basic Attacks

·         Thing of Doom: Creates an object which has SAVE in HTK which can move SAVE in meters per second. Object inflicts ACT in dice of damage if it successfully attacks a target. The Thing of Doom lasts for up to 1-6 actions or until someone bashes it into pieces, whichever comes first. It may appear up to the SAVE in meters away from the user. Things of Doom can have a mass of up to that of a person, but are only able to affect one target at a time.

·         Area Impairment: Coats an area or spans a gap up to the ACT in square meters. Anyone or anything passing into, through or out of the area must succeed in a stunt roll using the highest of STR, SPEED or AGIL as the active level and the linked level as the defending level or they are held fast. (Or they have slipped and fell. Or whatever the seems the right result depending on the circumstances.) The target is entitled to a stunt roll to escape during each action he is in the area. The area impairment may be set up to the SAVE in meters away from the user and lasts 1-6 actions. The target may also choose to attack the impairing force, if evident. (A net or a swath of ice.) The Area Impairment has a Mutant DODGE and remains in place until the SAVE in damage is inflicted on it. The impairment will heal its full SAVE in HTK points each action and does so on the user’s action. The Area Impairment is visible and must appear to be something, although form does not have to follow function.

·         Bio Assault: Causes ACT in dice of damage to the target each action. Damage inflicted bypasses the target’s DEFL score. Effect lasts 1-6 actions. Living targets are entitled to a stunt roll for every action they are afflicted. The stunt roll uses CON (or another applicable basestat) as the active level and the power’s linked level as the defending level. If the target succeeds in his stunt roll, he takes no damage for that action. The duration of the effect cannot be diminished by a normal stunt roll, although it may be reduced by defensive powers such as SHIELD, FORTITUDE or ESCAPE. Persons endowed with EMPATH, CONTAINMENT or BODY CONTROL are immune to the Bio Assault. Inanimate targets are only entitled to a stunt roll to defend if they are endowed with a POWER basestat.

·         Combat Impair: Causes a reduction of the target’s initiative roll or combat stunt roll by the power’s linked ACT.  Duration may be reduced by the effects of a defensive power or by the target’s roll of any doubles. A combat roll which results in doubles ends the duration. The attack may also be used to cause a reduction in a stunt roll of another kind. It can be placed on an object or barrier to reduce the chance of anyone unlocking such or wielding it successfully.

·         Snafu Attack: Impairs one of the target’s functions, such as the ability to move, see or use a specific power. Essentially requires the target’s player to make an additional stunt roll using the applicable level (SPEED, AGIL, PERC, ACC or the impaired power’s linked level) as the active level and Arcane Assault’s level as the defending level. If the target succeeds, they may proceed with the action as per normal. If they fail, the action cannot take place, the power will not deploy or they cannot move or whatever may apply. The Snafu Attack has a physical manifestation, such as webbing or a sheaf of elastic or a cloud or a swarm of insects. This manifestation has a HTK total of SAVE and a DODGE or defensive level of Mutant. The Snafu Attack lasts 1-6 actions or until its manifestation is destroyed. Destroying a manifestation requires the target to first succeed in a stunt roll against Arcane Assault’s level and then a successful attack on the manifestation which causes in excess of the linked SAVE in points of damage.

These basic attacks can be added to and modified. Each addition delays the attack’s deployment by one action. In this case, the user is building up the Arcane Assault’s effects prior to deployment. The user may build up his attack up to the ACT in actions. Built up attacks may be held for deployment up to the SAVE in actions. The power may not otherwise be deployed if the user is either building up or holding an Arcane Assault attack. (See Note.) Each action held entitles the user to add one of the following modifications.

·         Add ACT in dice of damage to the attack or the attack invested in the created object. May also be used to add dice to tangle or heal.
·         Add to the power’s level by one level. Generally the defensive level of an impairment, but may be used on any referenced level.
·         Add ACT to the minus inflicted on a specific stunt roll.
·         Add SAVE in HTK to the created object or manifestation.
·         Increase the area of effect of an Impaired Area by ACT.
·         Increase the Range of Arcane Power’s attack by SAVE in meters.
·         Create a plus of half ACT plus one for the initial combat roll for making the attack.

Other additions cost more than one action. These additions are:

·         Add a second Basic Attack to the effect: Two actions
·         Increase the SIZE level of the created object. Two actions per level. The created object starts at Average SIZE. Two actions
·         Add an area of effect of ACT in meters to the attack of the created object or some other single target ability. Three actions 

The duration of an attack cannot normally be extended, however the attack may be prolonged by the user locking it in. Locking in essentially prolongs the duration for as long as the user likes, however the user may not deploy Arcane Assault in any way as long as he is doing so. All other Arcane Assaults launched by the user will come to an end should the user lock in. All other conditions of the attack apply with two additional provisions added (1) the user needs to make a stunt roll for every action he has the ability locked in. A roll of two ones ends the lock in. (2) If the user is stunned, knocked out or moved beyond the range of the power, the lock in also ends.

Final Bonus: Arcane Assault assumes that the ability is meant to simulate the effects of mystic spells, but this is not an imposed provision of the power. The same results could be achieved with mental powers or possession of  super scientific weaponry. If the character concept calls for it to be a spell-like arcane ability, then possession of Arcane Assault at Standard Level or better also grants the user the MAGIC POWER element Unspell. Unspell can be used against the effects of Arcane Assault. If the power is not meant to be arcane, then it is called Impairment. Possession of Impairment at Standard or better level entitles the user to free allocation of JACK OF ALL TRADES, MECHANICAL APPTITUDE or the Profession Mad Scientist at Impairment’s level.

Note: It is not intended that the user should walk into a combat with a massive spell built up that he can deploy at any time. To do this, the user would also have to be endowed with the BAG OF TRICKS ability. In this case the Bag of Tricks points would be allocated at Arcane Assault’s ACT per action the attack had been built up. Otherwise simply holding onto a spell requires a stunt roll for every action after the ACT in actions. On a roll of two ones the built up Arcane Assault fizzles.

Final Note: It does not matter much how this power appears, as long as it is consistent with the overall character concept. If the concept for this ability is somewhat limited, the price may be cut. Other than the name, Arcane Assault and Impairment are the same power. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

mysterious appearance

This is the ability to mysteriously appear and disappear from the scene. No one knows how you showed up and no one knows where you went. You just appear when no one is looking and, after your done, disappear just as mysteriously. There are a number of characters in literary history who have had this ability and it can certainly be explained using other powers. We are describing it here as a power itself, a modified version of CLOAK and TELEPORT. As such it is limited to arriving and departing a location, exclusively and exclusively by yourself.

Mechanics:  This ability cost 20 points flat and must be linked to a level. The power is limited to three applications per day. Each venture to and from a set location counts as an application. The power is not intended for use in combat or within a location the user has already appeared at. The power is limited, within reason, to making an appearance and a disappearance.

The range of this ability is limited in three ways:

A.    The location has to be a place that the character can conventionally get to. Or otherwise get to with another ability. If the character normally drives places or walks or takes mass transit, then the location has to be within reasonable distance from where the user started. He can’t mysteriously appear on the moon or another planet or the gates of an underwater city. By contrast, if the user is also endowed with another travel ability such as FLIGHT, SHADOW POWER or FTL TRAVEL, he could mysteriously appear at any location those powers can get him into reasonable proximity of.
B.    The user needs to know where he’s going. He either has to have been there before or at least have specific concrete knowledge of the location.
C.    The ability’s range of effect is limited to that of the people (or observers) at the scene that he is arriving at or departing from. It covers the entire distance of what they can see or perceive at the location. If you’re sneaking up on a place or sneaking out of it, no one can see you. And it doesn’t matter what they are looking for you with.

Once the user gets within the perception range of the location, he becomes entirely undiscernible. At the point when he gets to his appearance location, the user has the ACT in actions before he has to reveal himself. Speaking, attacking, moving something automatically breaks the spell of invisibility. You also get some special effects with this reveal phase. You appear in a puff of smoke, an owl-like shadow forms and out you step or whatever your concept calls for. Depending on circumstances, the user will either win initiative outright or have a considerable bonus to his roll.

Once you have arrived, there is no more vanishing until you choose to leave. The user can simply vanish or vanish into a cloud or walk into a mirror or whatever neat-o exit stunt his player comes up with. And no one at the location will be able to find the user nor track him from the location in which he vanished.

All of that said, the effect of this power starts to fade the further away the user gets from the location he appeared at. While a tracker may not be able to pick you up from the location itself, if they choose the right direction, they may find evidence of your previous presence further out.

Persons endowed with PRECOGNITION, 6th SENSE and ESP are immune to the effects of Mysterious Appearance. People with certain Psychic abilities may be able to track the user from the location.  Persons who are also endowed with Mysterious Appearance are also immune to its effects—to the degree that they can possibly intercept or track another person who is using this ability.

Additions to Power

Breaking In: Allow the user to appear in a sealed area or beyond a locked barrier. But the user may only be just past the barrier. Only areas protected by some powers are immune to this. Otherwise this seeming conditional short range teleport is automatic. Cost 10 points.   

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

Tool Arm

This is the ability to use a portion of your body as if it were a tool. You can weld, you can locksmith, you can screw off lugs nuts, or, most commonly, you can plug yourself into computerized equipment. Persons with this ability have an extra limb or a specialized arm/leg attachment which can be used like any number of tools.

Mechanics:  This ability cost 25 points plus the level’s ACT. The linked  level is used as the active level when making specific stunts with this ability. An example of such a stunt roll would be using your finger’s special senses to pick the lock on a safe. This ability lends itself to being combined with ULTILITY BELT and TRICK WEAPON. When combined with either of these abilities, it enables the user to substitute the TOOL ARM level for ACC or any active level when either ULITITY BELT or TRICK WEAPON are deployed. In order to be effective when combined with these powers, Tool Arm would have to be linked to a level greater than Mutant or the character’s ACC. This power has the following applications:

Appraisal: Can determine the value, origin and authenticity of any man-made thing. May also determine what something is made out of or whether something is of normal or extranormal origin.

Chemical and Pharmacy Reservoir: Character is capable of carrying a gallon of assorted chemicals and drugs in dry or liquid form. These are considered to be of a conventional nature unless otherwise defined. (User has a standard chem lab and access to common first aid and trauma medications.)

Construction (Tools): Allows the user to perform standard construction tasks including carpentry, cobbling, electrical work, metal bending, riveting, cement work, plumbing, welding and the like.

Cyberjack: Character is capable to imposing on any wired or computer controlled system. Must be in physical contact with an output device or control hub. In general, users should be allowed an opportunity to disable systems or take control of computer driven operations.

Electric Source: User is toting about a somewhat powerful source of conventional energy.

Emplacement: With preparation, user is capable of remotely operating weapons and vehicles. Also allows user to plant eavesdropping devices. Range is equal to the level’s ACT in miles. Range can be extended to SAVE in miles for 10 points or the cropping of another function.

Extend: User is capable of extending his Tool Arm or portions thereof up to the level’s ACT in meters. Range may be increased to SAVE in meters for 10 points or the cropping of another function.

Extruder: User can blow glass or squirt fluids or spray gas out of his Tool Arm. Range is equal to the ACT in meters. This is a tool, not a weapon. Application may only perform one task at a time.

Fashion Tools and Parts: User carries a limited capacity to create plastic, wooden, ceramic, electronic and metal components and tools. These objects are either of a conventional nature or are patterned directly after an example the user is in possession of. User is also assumed to have access to a nicely outfitted lab, tool works or garage. This base can either be mobile or in a set location, but its capacity is not considered instantly available.

Forgery: User is capable of imitating signatures and creating replicas of various documents and types of identification.

Jury Rig: User is capable of making immediate temporary repairs to mechanical systems. The Tool Arm itself may be used to replace or bypass missing or damaged components.

Locksmith: User is capable of bypassing mechanical security mechanisms. Enables the user to pick locks. Also allows the user to pick pockets and otherwise conceal small items within the Tool Arm.

Operate Machinery: Allows the user to operate heavy machinery and drive or pilot vehicles.

Speaker: User has a sound system which can act as an amplifier, bull horn or public address unit. Can also imitate and project noises.

Tailor: You can sew and make repairs to fabric.

Whack: Tool Arms adds half of the level’s ACT in dice to the character’s HTH Damage.

  • Missile. In lieu of making a HTH Attack, the Tool Arm can launch missiles once every five actions. The missile causes the ACT in dice of damage and has a range of SAVE in meters. Additions to missile damage may be allocated for at a one point per dice cost, however the fire rate may not be increased.
  • Discharge. The Tool Arm may also project a blast of force causing the SAVE in dice of damage with a range of the ACT in meters. Discharging this blast disables the Tool Arm for the next SAVE in actions. The range of the discharge may be increased at an allocation cost of one point per meter. Damage may be increased at a cost of one point per dice. No other conditions may be modified.
  • Alternative Weapon Bonus. As an alternative to either the missile or the blast it adds to the attack of another power or weapon. This bonus is: Below Average to Skilled 3 dice; Talented to Heroic 5 dice; Mutant to Inhuman 6 dice; Extreme to Demonic 8 dice; Legendary to Omega 10 dice. If you take this alternative, the Tool Arm loses the Missile and Blast functions. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

Also known as Deflector Shield or reflector

This power is a barrier of some sort, usually conceived as being made of energy, which prevents attacks from landing upon the user. It is a blocking force, attached to the contours of or in near proximity to whatever it is designed to protect.

Mechanics: The base cost of this power is 10 points plus ACT. Options and functions follow.

  • Diminishing Deflection: Grants a bonus of SAVE. Unlike a standard DEFL rating, this bonus drops for every point of damage it receives on a given action. The defensive total replenishes by the ACT in points each round. The number of points in this Diminishing Deflection barrier may be increased by the SAVE in points for an additional allocation of ACT per addition. The recharge rate may be increased by the ACT in points for an additional allocation expense of SAVE per addition. The maximum number of times either the base points in the barrier can be raised or its renewal rate can be raised is equal to the linked ACT. Points of damage absorbed by the barrier are not applied to the user’s HTK Total. Excess damage not absorbed by the barrier is to be applied to the user’s DEFL total and then to the user’s HTK Total, as per standard combat procedure.

  • All In Barrier: As an alternative to the above, the barrier’s point total is simply applied to the user’s HTK Total and STUN total.  and heals as per the user’s REC rating. This alternative option is without allocation cost, but it does not increase the user’s REC rating. The overall downside to this option is that any damage applied to the barrier and its permutations, go straight to the user’s HTK Total. Only damage directed at the user may have the user’s DEFL total applied to it. This option may not be taken if the user is also endowed with INVULNERABILITY or ENDURANCE. (Judge’s option: it would double the allocation cost of either of those two powers.)

  • Extension: At an allocation cost of the SAVE, the Diminishing Deflection barrier may be projected to create a barrier around the user and his/her surrounding ACT in meters. It can be contoured to protect selected objects and allies within that area. Although the user is always free to launch attacks of any kind out of his barrier, allowing other protected parties to fire attacks out requires the user to forgo either movement or making an attack. For an additional cost of the SAVE, the user allows attacks out of the barrier without any sacrifice to potential activities.

  • Projection: At an allocation cost of SAVE, the user may project his Diminishing Deflection barrier as a wall or blocking force covering an area of its ACT in square meters to a location up to the SAVE in meters away. Using the barrier in this manner prevents the user from deploying it as per Extension. The range of projection may be increased by the SAVE in meters at an allocation cost of the ACT in points per addition. The area of effect may only be increased by the ACT once at a cost of the SAVE in points. A more comprehensive version of this option can be found in DIRECTIONAL FORCE.  

  • Deflector Shield: Cost 50. This is a barrier with a fixed number of points and is somewhat more akin to the power SHIELD. This power attempts to intercept formats of physical damage, either deadening the blow or causing it to glance off. Deflectors can function two ways, as far as game mechanics are concerned.


1.    Requires an attacker to make two successful attacks to hit the target. The first is a standard combat roll against the user’s normal DODGE. The second roll uses the attacker’s ACC against Reflector’s power level. If either stunt roll fails, the Reflector is said to have bounced the attack and the user takes no damage.


2.    The user’s player makes the second roll, using the power’s level as the active level and the attacker’s ACC as the defending level. If the user’s roll succeeds, the damage is negated. If the user’s roll fails, damage is taken against the Diminishing Deflection total or the character’s HTK Total, as may apply.

This ability only functions as long as the user has a positive Diminishing Deflection total. (All in Barrier users will need to be at positive HTK and not be stunned.)

  • Reflector: At an allocation cost of 50 points, allows the user to send any damage causing attack back at the originator. Attacks reflected do not impact the user. Does not apply to Projection or Extension shielded areas. Player rolls two dice at any time his character is successfully attacked. A roll of two sixes sends the attack back at its originator, automatically striking them.
A.    Ultra-Flect: For 100 points, this Reflection ability works on attacks of any kind, however the impact upon the originator will be as per standard mechanics.
B.    Argosy-Flect: For another 100 points, on the roll of double twos, double threes, double fours and double fives, the attack simply glances off, but does not head back to the user.

  • Super Reflector: Cost 75. Allows the user to deflect projectiles which are directed at them or anyone within MPS range. (Bullets, arrows, visible blasts of power, thrown objects or other obvious projected attack forms.) On a roll of double twos, double threes, double fours and double fives, the attack is deflected away harmlessly. (It did not hit. Our user knocked it away.) On a roll of double ones, the user suffers double the attack’s damage. On a roll of double sixes, the attack is sent back at the originator or at any target the user wishes. On any other roll, the attack’s damage is counted against the user’s Diminishing Deflection total. Deployment of this ability requires the user to sacrifice his or her next HTH Attack or Movement. Cost is 125 without the sacrifice requirement. When acting in defense of others, the user may deploy the power out of initiative order.

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