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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Harmonic Convergence: We Have Elected A Crook.


Beats the looney we had. I somehow feel cheated by the process, but I should not feel that way. We inevitably get the politicians that we deserve. Feeling cheated just opens the door for politicians like Trump. If the whole bio system of politicos are crooked, why not try something else? Because the something else are a parade of cartoon characters. This has always been the case.

We cannot overwrite humanity. As we have piled on progress, complications have emerged to go with it. Almost all professions require a bit of specialized training and time in the saddle to get good at. Running the whole show, making sure that interactions between us are safe and fair, is damn complicated business. The people who are in that business are politicians. At the very least, you want a pro.

I think nearly every single word Trump said about Joe Biden is true. That said, this is a wonderful day. We’ve seen how amateur hour works and it’s not for us. We’ve seen how nepotism and loyalty above competence cronyism works and now it’s time for the blue-tinged technocratic hordes to ply away. Hopefully the whole plague thing will prove focusing. Nothing these save the world types like better than a world that actually needs saving.

I am old enough to remember a time when there were red-tinged technocratic hordes, too.  The Republican Brand was about good government, efficient commerce, promotion of innovation, law and order and a foreign policy based on realism. They were a counterweight to the Democrats regimes of inclusion as a qualification, rigged economic outcomes, redress through redistribution and a foreign policy based on European fads.

But those folks died. They were swamped by their Conservative brothers. I have mixed feelings about the Conservatives, having been one at one time. I don’t blame them for Trump. Trump is not a Conservative nor any type of political animal, vegetable or mineral. What I blame the Conservatives for is killing the red-tinged horde.

Today’s Republican Party is an amalgamation of bigots, gun loonies, bible thumpers, plutocrats and polluters. They’re not an attractive bunch. Of these, only the bigots aren’t flat out corrupt. They don’t want anything. They’re just against a lot of things.

Oh, yeah, and the Conservatives. They’re there. Drafting behind the polluters and the plutocrats. Quick to amen the fucktard evangelicals. (Literal interpretation of the bible. Great idea! A pity it didn’t occur to the people who wrote the bible.) The polluters and the plutocrats think they created Conservatism out of corporate agit-prop. And the Conservatives are willing to let them think that because (1) they have to get money somewhere; (2) even if true, it’s just a happy coincidence; (3) they’re convinced that market forces will somehow prevail and do the right thing before we are all buried up to our eyeballs in coal tar tailings. Time to smile and be in a picture with some goon in a baseball hat toting a machinegun. Conservatives have to believe that there’s some virtue just in the numbers of these freaks. If only they could be led.

Unfortunately for the Conservatives, their yahoo brethren literally believe that all government is bad government--which is not really aligned with the “government which rules least, rules best” mantra Republicans were previously pitching. At core, it isn’t government who these yahoos are pissed at, it’s reality. They’re just taking it out on civilization because they can comprehend the concept of civilization in commodified form as government. As long as these folks feel politically enabled, we can count on them backing the craziest motherfucker willing to stand for office. That’s their real orthodoxy.

Lucky for us, we outnumber all of these freaks by a wide margin in most places. And truth be told, the yahoos aren’t really good at anything—including staying focused. I believe this last election was the apex of genuine yahoo involvement. They liked Trump because he pissed off their betters. Now that he’s been swamped, there are stumps to blow up and beer to drink and signs to shoot holes in and the N word to shout at the television before they collapse into their Cheeto-and-lard enhanced stupors.

In short, we have one political party for a while. In my dreams I hope for a functional Green Party to contest with the Democrats. But that isn’t going to happen. The political divide in a rational universe is between the dreamers and the utilitarians. Just as the Democrats need to tame the Revenge For All Sins factions in their midst, the Republicans will crawl out from under the human filth they’re surrounded themselves with to preach a new doctrine of “Do No Harm” and “Pay as You Go” and “Pragmentism and Moderation are Virtues.” Let’s hope it isn’t a long wait, because silly season can get very silly very quickly, especially unchecked

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