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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Print Ad Reveal

 I am not entirely happy with it. But this is largely how it will appear.

More on our time at Gencon coming soon!

Sunday, July 31, 2022

HIL-GLE Marches on GENCON!


It is my sad duty to inform you that I did not win the billion-dollar Mega Ball Plus lottery held this past Saturday, although I did used to live in Des Plaines where the life-changing ticket was purchased.  Neither did Brave Sam, who still lives in Des Plaines. I’m thinking that living in Des Plaines is a lot less intolerable when one has a billion dollars.  But I will never know. (It could be worse. I could live in Oildale.)

I am sad to say this, but this last lottery loss is part of a very bad and very long string of defeats I have suffered in my gambling history. To wit, I have never won. I have never won anything. This strangely makes me believe that I am due and thus feeds my sporadic occasional petty wagering frenzy. At this juncture it seems that I should plan to contend myself with an economic fate predicated upon the sweat of my own brow. Shameful as it may be, it seems my only doable option.

I will be at GENCON this coming weekend, running four SOLD OUT demos of our fine Weird Detective Mystery Adventures role-playing game. For a time, I will be sharing the sacred astroturf where greats such as Barney Rubble/Andrew Luck once tread. (You will note that Andrew Luck and Barney Rubble have never appeared anywhere together. Although this may not utterly sell my contention that they are in fact one-and-the-same person, it is incredibly suspicious—if you exclude the assertions that Barney Rubble is a cartoon character from the 1960s and that Andrew Luck was born in 1989 and is already retired. I swear they are the same person.) I intend to honor this sacred playing surface by giving the utmost to my preparation, which has included a previous scrimmage of my game plan at DIECON last month. I intend to be in mid-season form by my kick-off at 8:00 AM on Saturday.

Behold, our latest promo thingy…

Our other promo thingy, Weird Detective Mystery Adventures (the movie) TM, is currently still in post-production.  I am in the process of obtaining a new score or going with Flight of the Bumblebee and calling it a day. Its majestic opening is planned for my web pages and perhaps YouTube once this amazing feat has been accomplished.

A print Ad or two may also be in the offing once I can come up with one. (Still getting over my billion-dollar lottery loss, so this may take a little time.)

If you are not one of the perhaps 30 people slated to join us at GenCon, we will be at Printer’s Row Lit Fest and the Southside Comic Book Convention in September. After that, our tour is going on hiatus until probably February. We intend to have a strong Spring and Summer schedule next year. We may even play the Colts! (Not as a group, inasmuch as WDMA is really only suited for 5 to 7 players.)

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Another Outstanding Promotional Ad

 I never tire. I just wish I had some talent to go with my artistic ambitions. Yet another attempt at a promo ad, this one more outright copying than collage.  

Friday, July 1, 2022

HIL-GLE Welcomes GraphicNewsstand.com to its Family of Websites

 Our Convention Report:

We are on tour hiatus for this month and are taking inventory of our learning experiences thus far. Planet Funk was a lot of fun and Davenport is a fine place to visit. As I discovered, there are several used bookstores still in operation in downtown Davenport. The next time I am in town I will make it a point to check a few of them out.

Iowa is its own universe.  I knew this from my last visit, way back when during my sophomore summer in High School, where I attended debate camp at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Rapids.  After that trip, I wanted attend college there, but it wasn’t in the cards. Iowa isn’t flush or lush and seems to be keeping its own time. It’s a well-maintained, out-of-date place. The people are Midwesterners with a slant towards the polite, charming, blunt, and vulgar in a seamless mix. Sentences can be separated by two ticks of silence without things seeming awkward. Give yourself to it and you get used to it. The whole place marches to its own beat.

Planet Funk, like CODCOM and  Windy City Pulp and Paper has become a general Fandom convention. They all are taking their cues from the big convention in San Diego. The focus shifts a bit but they are all doing a little anime, a little cos play, a little comic book culture, a little TV and movie fantastic.  The latest trend is in crafting—folks making stuffed animals, face painting, t-shirt vending, dice bags and cross-stitching.  Its also a forum for authors and a source of pin money for actors and retired athletes.

Programming at Planet Funk centered mostly on cos play and costume contests, which is very accessible. It’s fun to watch and I would estimate that about one fifth of the attendees were participating in some degree or another. A panel on “What is new in Cos Play—Foam!” was announced, causing Brian in the booth next to me to wonder aloud about the content.

My focus has been coming up with a method of promoting my game without going broke doing it.  To do this, I have to create a table that sells.  I have a nice inventory of comic books which helped make Windy City and Planet Funk less expensive. But I am a few moves away from being able to make this venture worthwhile.  What I have seen selling best are toys and (sometimes pirated) art. If I can produce a few 10 bucks a throw art works and obtain a toy or two no one else is hawking, I believe my venture will flourish.  I am using my off time this month to seek things out.

My fly animation is still in the edit stage. We would like to introduce the following website to the HIL-Gle family. GraphicNewsstand.com will eventually become my electromagnetic comic book shop and source for all things neo-pulp. Right now it’s a space holder. I will also be working on Vortex of Cute during the next few weeks.

This is the new ad for Weird Detective Mystery Adventures.  I am thinking of placing another ad in a few weeks and will announce it here. We will have a less hype-intense Internet Outbin in under a week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

New PromoAd

 Eh... it's close. It's as close to unisex marketing as I can come to.  I was going to stick "Against The Coven" or some sort of rot on here, but then I thought "Why can't they be heroes, too?" I need to find a slightly more heroic backdrop, but I think I am close here. 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Our First Print Advertisement

 We are now in Bachelor Pad's Summer 2022 issue!

There are worse places to be than under Fez-O-Rama. Or to the right of Scott Vaughn and his fine creations.  As proof of concepts go, this was fine. Any coloring mistakes belong to yours truly. I am going to be working on ad concepts once our tour is over. 

Tonight our movie goes into prime lensing. (That's filming stuff for all of you non-Hollywood types.) I had a pre-production conference call with the prime talent and creatives last night.  Hopefully our final product will appear here before too long.  After that, our efforts belong to the ages. 

Friday, June 10, 2022



Movie Deal and Major Expo Announcement!

Brave Sam and myself had a great time at DIECON.  We met a lot of interesting folks and even sold a few books.  I would like to thank everyone who played in our inaugural demo sessions. The same scenario will be run at several sessions during the upcoming GENCON in Indianapolis. 

We are headed to Planet Funk in the Quad Cities at the end of the month. We may have some details to announce about that appearance coming shortly.

We are headed to Printer’s Row Lit Fest September 10 & 11, 2022.

The Printers Row Lit Fest is the largest free outdoor literary showcase in the Midwest. It will be taking place along Dearborn Street, from Dearborn Station to Ida B. Wells Drive (formerly Congress Parkway). HIL-GLE will have its very own table on the sidewalk (somewhere) where yours truly will be sitting with copies of our masterpiece Weird Detective Mystery Adventures and absolutely no protection from the environment whatsoever.  I will possibly be rained on, melted, or pelted while an estimated 100,000 people walk by… hopefully one or two buying a book. In any case, I am hoping that it will be quite an affair. This momentous event will mark the end of our summer promotional campaign, after which we will award our fine raffle winner.

Later this week, perhaps Saturday, HIL-GLE will be filming the Weird Detective Mystery Adventures movie. Weird Detective Mystery Adventures, the movie would cost Major Studio Dollars at the standard length of one and 7/10th hours, features a cast and is replete with many pre and post-production effects, including but not limited to a rented car. A screening of this film may appear in multiple venues as it is intended for the widest release possible. Our hearts are already pounding in anticipation!

Watch this space for more amazing announcements!

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