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Sunday, September 3, 2017

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

Described in this listing are a collection of physical stunts and actions abilities which could be attributed to the martial arts continuum, between COMBAT and THE MOVE, or as an adjunct to ATHLETICS, LIGHTNING REFELEXES and SUPER SPEED or as part of the gadget continuum with UTILITY BELT, TOOL ARM and the like. Whether attributed to a physical talent or a device, the ADEPT ACTION suite comprises a small catalog of combat action results.

Mechanics: Character must be endowed with at least one of the following abilities: ATHLETICS, BAG OF TRICKS, BODY CONTROL, COMBAT, LIGHTNING REFLEXES, MECHANICAL APPTITUDE, OBJECT ANIMATION, SUPER SPEED, TOUGHNESS, TOOL ARM, TRICK WEAPON or UTILITY BELT. Cost 25 plus ACT. Although the descriptions indicate that the stunts need to be applied via direct physical force, it could also be delivered by a ranged HTH Attack (thrown weapon or arrow) or by a gadget. The user may only use one application of this ability during the course of a single action. The applications are:

  1. Arrest/Constrain/Contain/Grapple/Hinder/Keep: User is particularly gifted in wrapping up opponents, blocking their limbs and/or pushing opponents off their feet. The net result is that the target will not be able to land a HTH Attack on anyone but the user and will not be able to move conventionally. Requires a conventional combat roll. Causes no damage, but inflicts a Combat Disadvantage of minus ACT to the target’s next attack. Although the user is in the target’s face, the target may evade the effect on the next action, either through the application of a power (such as FLIGHT or JUMP), by repelling the user or by stunning the user.
  2. Attach/Lash/Loom. The user has magnetized himself to his target. Once applied, the user will never be further that arm’s reach away. Whether the user is grabbing onto the target, somehow drafting on the target’s own abilities, has attached a tether to the target or is somehow just magnetic needs to be determined by the user’s character concept. Requires a successful standard combat roll. Activation takes a full action and is done at the sacrifice of the user making a physical attack. There is no conventional defense against this stunt, however targets with SLIMESKIN, LIGHTNING REFLEXES and SUPER SPEED are immune to it. TELEPORT, TRANFIGURATION and a few other abilities will break the stunt’s hold. The user may drop the ability at any time—such as when the target high tails it into the stratosphere.
  3. Balance/Catch/Juggle. User has an unusually good sense of balance, allowing him to walk tight ropes and navigate narrow areas even when running at full speed. The user is also capable of balancing any object he can lift. The user can catch any object he can lift and any projectile travelling at less than his own MPS Score or the power’s linked SAVE, whichever is higher. The user can also juggle any object he can lift. In general, a standard combat roll is needed to activate this ability.
  4. Jam/Bust Open/Scuttle: Our user is a physical demolitions expert, with a sixth sense for finding the weak spots in objects and structures. The user can block the action of simple machines, has a knack for busting through doors and forcing locks and knows how to render devices inoperable with a single action worth of blows.
  5. Match. User is a quick study in combat. On a roll of doubles, the user can match the initiative of any single opponent.
  6. Outdo/Out Maneuver. User is possessed of certain leading combat moves which can cause his opponent to slip up defensively. On a roll of doubles, the user gains either a Combat Advantage of ACT or a bonus to damage of the ACT in dice. Targets with THE MOVE, TELEPATHY, 6th SENSE and perhaps some other psychic abilities are immune to this stunt.  
  7. Pounce/Spring. Our user gets hyped in a fight. Once a fight or once an hour, the user can move to within HTH Attack range of any target, no matter how far away that target may be.
  8. Rage. Our user has a “go nuts” switch that he can flip at any time during combat. At a cost of 10% of the user’s remaining HTK points per action, the user gains the  1-36 points (multiply the result of a roll of two dice) which he can add to his IB, MPS, Combat Stunt Roll or as additional dice of damage. While in Rage mode the user is immune to ILLUSIONS or any form of mental influence.
  9. Shock Steal. User is assumed to have disarmed anyone he has stunned. It’s a bonus move, sending the weapon flying up to the SAVE in meters away. Alternatively and at the cost of losing his IB for the next action, the user may launch an immediate second attack on any target he has stunned. 

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