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Saturday, February 17, 2018

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update


This is the super hacking power so often referenced in movies written by people whose familiarity with computers and computer programs begins and ends with word processing. It  is also the ability to extended one’s senses through the increasingly sophisticated and increasingly prevalent machines found in our world. The user can see through television cameras, hear through phone lines, communicate through any device connected a computer network. If it’s plugged in or hooked up or in any way wired, it’s a part of the user’s neural network. This is a cropped version of OBJECT ANIMATION, although it coveys no extra senses nor awareness to its targets. It is the second gear of the TECHNOSENSORY super sense. The user senses as the machine senses.

Mechanics: This power is primarily defined by range. At any level, the power gives the ability to command computer controlled or automated objects, even ones with complex passwords and security. The user comes off not merely as some kind of machine trying to communicate with another machine, but rather as commands issued from the device’s own systems. The user can turn things on or off and order the machine to do anything it can normally or potentially do. And the user can order the machine to cover the user’s tracks.

Being inside a machine or its program does not immediately convey any knowledge of either. Assuming the character has no familiarity with the target, a stunt roll is made using the power’s level as the active level and (1) a randomly determined level from Below Average to Heroic, for normal objects and (2) a level from Mutant to Omega, for extranormal devices. Some familiarity with the target may adjust the odds.

This power specifically does not give the user the ability to hijack devices or machines belonging to, in the use of or in the immediate possession of another extranormal person. You at least have to take the utility belt off the guy before you can work your magic.

Only machines with sentience (an IQ score) or protected by extranormal means have the capacity to resist the user’s power. Even on devices with supernatural protection, this power acts as a form of EMPATHY. Automated things are inclined to like our user. That said, the ability conveys no real way to overcome such defenses—at least instantly. The user would need to apply some other talent or skill to get past the protection of extranormal items. This power is more of an at whim extension of the character’s senses than it is a skill set.

Power cost 10 points plus ACT. It has an effective range of ACT in meters. Range on devices such as computer networks or security systems can be difficult to determine. Conventionally, once you get into a closed network or integrated security system, you have control of all of it, no matter how much physical space it takes up. Range here is defined as range to a controlling access point. Taking down a computer system or a cell phone or any singular device is well within the standard reach of this power. Taking down the entire internet or every cell network in the world is not. Not for just 10 points plus ACT. Which brings us to…


Control on all automated targets within range: Doubles power cost.

Range Extension: 1 point per meter.

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