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Saturday, February 17, 2018

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update


This is a defense which has the potential to reduce the damage of an attack inflicted on the user.  The user is taking some physical action to blunt, block or parry the attack. It can either negate the attack entirely or mitigate the impact of its effect. The defense works best against attacks which inflict physical damage.

Mechanics: In order to activate this ability, the user must give up his next (1) opportunity to move or (2) the use of a weapon or a HTH Attack or an attack power.

When activated, the Blocking Option enables the user to:

(1)   Negate the attack entirely or end the duration of a power which has affected the user.  User’s player makes a stunt roll. A roll of double 2s, 3s, 4s or 5s negates the attack entirely. A roll of double 6s not only negates the attack, but allows the user to immediately move or deploy the attack ability he was using to block with. A roll of two ones is a total failure, meaning that the Blocking Option does not perform any function.
(2)   Reduce the points of damage inflicted by the attack, either (a) by the damage output of the attack the user is deploying to block with or (b) by at least the linked in SAVE in points.
(3)   At the cost of not using an attack and forgoing movement, the damage reduction is increased to double the linked SAVE. Unfortunately, if the user has rolled two ones, this function fails to activate.

Blocking Option works on all attacks from a single attacker during a single action.

Power Costs 20 points plus SAVE. Blocking Option needs to be linked to a level, but not necessarily the same level of the attack or movement power being used to block. The user is free to switch up which attack form is being sacrificed to block with. (Default is the HTH Attack.)

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