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Saturday, February 17, 2018

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

Omega Chuck:

Gives the user the ability to throw great distances. Thrown objects will travel the entire distance during the course of one action. The initial powered portion of the distance starts at the linked ACT multiplied by SAVE.  This distance may be extended either sacrificing an action before making the throw or two actions after making the throw. (The character will be unable to move OR launch any other attack during the sacrificed actions.) Each action sacrificed doubles the throwing distance. A user may only throw objects that they can lift.

·         At 5000 meters, whatever the user is throwing will head into orbit.
·         At 11,000 meters, whatever the user is throwing will escape into space.

There are very few things in this world which are meant to be thrown at such speeds or for such distances. Your target is likely to start falling apart in mid-flight, unless the user is also endowed with UNLIMITED LIFT. Similarly, attempting to hit something with an object you have OMEGA chucked is problematic, unless you have FLING with the THROW ANYTHING option. Omega Chuck is really about sending something far, far away, not launching a ranged attack.

·         In the event that the user is endowed with UNLIMITED LIFT, FLING and THROW ANYTHING, the maximum damage that can be inflicted with OMEGA CHUCK is equal to the linked ACT in dice plus the user’s normal STR (or COMBAT) damage plus 40 dice. The same procedure is used to calculate damage on the object being thrown as well as whatever it hits. This damage is only inflicted if the thrown object has travelled the full distance. If it fails to do so, then the object is simply damaged as per normal throwing damage.

(The intention of this ability is not to generate extra damage on throwing attacks. The intention is to give the user the ability to throw something far, far away.)

·         Objects thrown at less than 5000 will eventually fall back to earth. They lose speed and altitude equal to the object’s SIZE SAVE every action after the first.

EXAMPLE: Toni has decided to throw me using her OMEGA CHUCK ability, which is linked to a Mutant BASESTAT (ACT 10 SAVE 35). Her OMEGA CHUCK has a net range of 350 meters. On the first action I am hurled skyward 350 meters and a speed of 350 meters per second. (That’s three and a half football fields at a little over Mach One.) My SIZE is Average (SAVE 5) I start to slow to 345 meters, but I am still heading up. I will continue heading up until my effective MPS reaches zero, in about 69 actions/seconds, at which point I will start to fall. Which brings us to…

·         The maximum amount of damage that the thrown object may suffer or inflict is 40 dice plus the object’s SIZE SAVE in dice as a result of (1) falling or (2) traveling past the powered flight phase.

·         The eventual distance past the object’s initial OMEGA CHUCK range that an object travels depends on the object’s nature, trajectory and other factors which the judge is free to determine at his whim.

Magic Weapons, Power Parts, Vibra Blades and other such weapons may not fall apart or have damage inflicted upon them when thrown with OMGEA CHUCK, but extending the distance of such weapons is only an incidental feature of this power. Such weapons do not gain any extra damage potential as a result of being Omega Chucked.

Power costs 10 points flat for three uses a day. Power cost 25 points plus SAVE for unlimited use.

Note: Chucking people is a favorite application of this ability. The person as Chuck Object may have some defenses against this ability, such as FLIGHT, FREE FALL OR TELEPORT. Even then, the user should be able to move his target the initial distance. The target would be allowed to apply his FLIGHT or other defense on the next action.

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