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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

Master of disguise
(man of 1000 faces, chameleon power)

This skill gives the character the ability to adopt the mannerisms and image of another person, either fictional (made up by the character) or that of a real person. This is largely a cosmetic ability, a power/skill set/set of equipment which enables the user to assume to the role of another person convincingly.

This ability can manifest itself as an innate ability to change one’s form or a specialized set of skills, set of equipment or some mixture thereof.

Base Cost: 10 plus SAVE. Min Link: Skilled. Suggested Link: ATT, CHAR, KNOW
Ability Type: At Will. Ability Class: Uncommon Skill or Special Effects


Malleable Features: Allows the user to shape the contours and features of his/her face. User can change his/her weight and height within human range.

Background Investigation: User is a gifted snoop. They can glean everyday details of a subject’s life from observation, conversation with people familiar with the subject and searches of official records. Skill to do this is rated at the power’s level.

Forgery: User is adept at duplicating or crafting official looking documentation. Overall defending level is equal to the power’s level if using extraordinary methods are deployed to examine the work product of this skill. Otherwise the defending level is Omega.

Counterfeit Identity: As per the power, at the same level.

Mimic: Omega level imitation of voice, choice of words, mannerism and poise. Other details will depend on how well the user’s background investigation went and how much time the user has had to prepare. A perfect imitation takes 30 days of study minus the ACT, but starts at the power’s level. (Incorporates MIMIC the power.)

Options Available at Additional Allocation Cost

Perfect Match: User can match the subject’s finger prints, voice prints, eye retina pattern and DNA. Has a special SHIELD (as per the power) which seems to emulate the subject’s thoughts and personality as well as disguising the user’s own. Additional cost of ACT.

Versi Match: Functions as a method of imitating the abilities and powers of an extranormal.  The imitation is an illusion which can function to emulate the appearance of the subject’s powers, albeit minimally. Works on only one power at a time. Additional cost 25 points.

Maxi Versi Match: As in the LEECH POWER function Emulation, but does not require the user to have been the target of the subject’s power. User will have to have been in an area where the power was deployed by the subject within the SAVE in days. May also be used to emulate skills. Additional cost is 20 points plus ACT.

Note: Overall the user’s imitation has an Omega level for persons who don’t know the subject or know the subject all that well. The actual level of the imitation only really comes into play when the user’s imitation is put under the scrutiny of persons intimate with the target—siblings, parents and spouses.

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