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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

WDMA Abilities Arsenal Update

6th Sense
also known as danger sense

This power warns its user of present or potential danger. The user can sense evil, danger, bad intentions, circumstances gone awry. The unerring psychic warning  system gauges the immediacy of the threat, becoming intense in urgent situations or simply ringing a mental bell for future reference.  This power is largely a self-centered ability. All of its readings reference danger to the user primarily. The power’s range is the user’s ‘world’—people, places and things that the user finds himself in proximity to. The nearer the proximity and the greater the familiarity, the more acute the power’s readings will be.

Base Cost: 60 points plus Double SAVE. Min Link: Champion. Suggested Link: IQ, PERC, WILL Ability Type: Innate, situation-activated. Ability Class: High End Psychic Ability, Defensive Ability.


Omega Dodge against all physical attacks. Factored into the Omega Dodge is a bonus movement. If the user has the capacity to move out of the range of an attack, he will do so at the time of the attack, regardless of whether or not they have moved in a given action. It is a spontaneous boost in movement using either the character’s base MPS or a power.

Life Flashes Before Eyes: If the user is unable to get away from an attack or event, 6th Sense will disclose, in vivid detail, the nature and scope of whatever circumstances are about to befall him. Not that this might help much, but it may come into play later.

Boost Active Level or ACC to Omega: At the sacrifice of a single action of activity, boosts the active levels for one of the user’s attacks to Omega level. Requires that the user not move, attack or use a power during the previous action. Does not boost the output of the attack, only the stunt roll to affect the target.

Points the Way Out: Automatically detects potential escape routes. Finds good hiding places. Detects enemy blind spots.

Bad Vibes Meter: Accurate assessment as to the potential danger of people, places and things. That said, a target endowed with an applicable defense to this ability may screw up the meter. The user can’t be snowed—he can’t be convinced something is safe when it’s dangerous or a person is good when they are evil—but they can be fuzzed. The meter can be deadened. Mr. Bad Guy still moves the meter, just not as much as he should.

Psychic Booster: Access to the Extra Functions listed below at a cost of one full action of inactivity. Activates on a successful Weighted Contested Roll using the power’s linked level as the active level and the benchmark level listed for the function as the defending level. May be used up to the ACT in times per day. Failed attempts count as a use.

Extra Function at Mutant Level or Higher:

Advanced Bad Vibes Meter: the user will be able to sense if the danger is present or merely possible.

Extra Functions at Extreme Level or Higher:

Danger Scale: Will let the user know how dangerous a situation is likely to become.

Mini Oracle: Informs the user of the hypothetical consequences of a proposed action. Immediate options and simple choices only. Inerrant.

Demonic Level or Higher

Danger Dowling Rod and Timer: 6th Sense will tell the user the place the danger comes from and what time it is going to strike.

Wins Initiative: Persons with a 6th Sense at this level or higher are never surprised and always move first on any action.

Note: PRECOGNITION is a less intense version of this ability. It can be found in the PYSCHIC POWERS listing.

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