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Monday, April 1, 2019

No April Fool

Hi Interweb!

How’s it going! I’ve been doing a bit of writing, although obviously not here. That does not mean that I’ve forgotten this blog nor its attendant website HIL-GLE dot com. No sirree, not at all. Quite the opposite.

As promised many moons ago, HIL-GLE is about to go through a major replate and expansion. We have about 300 pages completed and are now inching our way to launch. The majority of these pages are dedicated to the new Streamlined Edition of Weird Detective Mystery Adventures. We have expanded our listings well beyond those found in the previous edition and the text has been extensively rewritten and reformatted for greater clarity and ease of play. All of this is part of a long-term plan to relaunch the game in print.

At this point I am thinking that we will be live by August, but it could be sooner. We also are planning on a pair of web novels for posting on these pages. And I have a whole bin of subjects to blog about that I have compiled over the months. Life incidents not intruding otherwise, I am hoping to make a dent in the stack. We may also revisit some of our other continuing topics, such as the Flying Car (two more have been “invented”) and the Electric Car.

Certainly current events have provided more than enough fodder for the dedicated blogger to feel prompted by. As recounted earlier, HIL-GLE is now a registered, card-carrying member of the Resistance. The experience has been an eyelash or so less than satisfying, although control of the House is nothing to sneeze at. I’m not sure toting a protest sign and rubbing shoulders with anti-fascists pushing for the legalization of prostitution contributed much to the cause. I am ready to resume my protesting, weather and proximity of protests permitting.

It’s been easy to relax one’s focus during these past few months.  Many hopes have been pinned on the legal process doing what the political process seems incapable of—removing the Orange Thing from office. Barring a reversal of fortune predicated on an attorney named Barr’s lack of reading comprehension, it looks as if the big probe struck out. That’s not good news, no matter how you slice it. The groundhog sees two more years of Trump, unless he massively overplays his hand.

If I were the Republicans, I would just settle for giving each other hickeys and blowing wet kisses at the opposition and call it a day.  Gloating is well within the norms for this sort of victory, as is the loud postulation of superlative hypotheticals. Break out the Emerging Republican Majority and all the other blow up dolls and party favors. All good fun and possibly deserved. Unfortunately, it appears as if the euphoria has turned sinister, if this recent missive from Trumpland to my secret identity can be believed:

Dear HIL-GLE’s Secret Identity,

President Trump has been vindicated, but now justice must be served.
It’s time to go after the witch hunters who allowed this illegal attempt to overturn the 2016 election to happen.

Kellyanne Conway, Steve Scalise, and Jim Jordan are all calling for Adam Schiff -- the congressional Democrat who led this witch hunt -- to RESIGN.
The rule of law in America is at stake.

If unelected government agents can get away with colluding with the losing political party and the mainstream media to wage a two-year-long witch hunt against an innocent man based on no evidence, what will become of America?

This time it was President Trump -- the most powerful man in the world.
But next time, the Deep State could choose to go after you.

Justice must be served. Adam Schiff, the Pelosi lapdog who replaced Devin Nunes as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, cannot serve one more day in Congress.

He must RESIGN -- and if he refuses, then he must be expelled from the people’s House.

This is either silly or a classic example of overreach. By “unelected government agents” the Trumpsters mean the FBI, Justice Department, IRS and other cop types. They could also mean the mailman, but the mailman has not been tossing Trump’s pals in the pokey.

If we can’t trust these FBI, Justice Department, IRS cop types, I’m not sure who Trumpland proposes we do trust.  Their demand to refashion the whole shooting match in their own image seems a tad self-serving, to say the least. If this DEEP STATE was so powerful, one wonders how MAGIC TRUMP was ever elected in the first place. I am sure that all of these things will be explained to me, in exhaustive detail, once the DEEP STATE finally gets around to COMING FOR ME. In the mean time I will continue to dress in non earth tones and eat sensibly.

As odd as Trumpland’s missives have been, they pale when compared to a 24 page letter I recently received in the mail.  Fraud In My Mailbox has been a theme in this blog, mostly consisting of run of the mill trolling for geezers using various color of law pretexts. My latest treasure uses the rare Secret Society of Supervillains tactic, posing to initiate me into the hidden wisdom of the ancients through membership in their clandestine cult. No human sacrifices, but it was pretty flamboyant otherwise. And at 24 pages it was fatty as far as long form lies are concerned, outside of the format of the investment prospectus. A quick check of the interweb showed that it was well debunked—which is what you get for being so long-winded. I may still post parts of it, since it did contain some interesting flourishes.

Speaking of cults, not one, but two of the mega cults here in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago have recently imploded. Cults are more common than one might believe, and they all have a discernable life cycle. Since this life cycle has not been covered to any degree, I may make it a subject of a new post. The two cults in question, Harvest Bible Chapel and  Willow Creek Church shared a lot of demographics in common and both essentially failed at the same place in the life cycle.

Our In Box remains jammed, in any case.  A new posting on trends we are likely to outlive will be live here shortly.

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