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Sunday, July 7, 2019

WDMA New Power: Weirdo Magnet

User has a sympathetic affinity for supernatural forces, is something of an EMPATH for the otherworldly. This is a less parasitic take on the idea expressed in LEECH. The user is acts like a vitamin for extranormal events. Persons endowed with this ability can enhance, negate, bestow and sense any type of extraordinary force.

Base Cost: 50 plus SAVE. Min Link: Mutant. Suggested Link: WILL, CON, CHAR. Ability Type: At Whim. Ability Class: Ability Suite.

Attributes: May deploy one function on any given action. Unless noted otherwise, all functions are At Whim, meaning that they can be activated at any time during the action. All functions have a Range of SAVE in meters from the user.


Enhance: May enhance another being’s supernatural effect in ONE of the following ways: (1) Increase damage or tangle or healing by the ACT in dice; (2) Increase the range by SAVE or double the range; (3) Increase the duration by the ACT in actions; (4) Increase the Area of Effect by the ACT in meters or (5) reduce the target’s Defending level by 1 to 6 levels. The user may only add to those aspects that the effect is already endowed with. (You cannot add a duration to an effect which does not have one.)

Enhance requires that the target of the effect (the person who got zapped with the lightning bolt) be within the SAVE in meters from the user and that the effect was initiated on the same action as the enhancement or the next time the user has a chance to act. (Within one second in game time.) It also requires that the user make a successful combat stunt roll.

Negate. Reduces either the damage potential of an effect or the duration.  It reduces the damage inflicted by the SAVE in points or the ACT in dice. (If the attack calculates results in dice, subtract the dice. If the effect is measured in points, subtract the SAVE.) It may reduce the duration of an effect by the ACT in actions, but only down to one action.

Negate requires a successful combat roll if the target is in motion and a successful Double Ones roll if stationary. Negation of damage must take place within the action it was caused or on the next action that the user has activity. Negation of duration may take place at any time.

Negating an effect which has an indefinite duration requires a successful stunt roll using the power’s level as the active level and Omega as the defending level. It may only be attempted once. Success does not snap the target out of the effect, but does impose a duration of 1 to 6 actions. (As opposed to being stone forever, the target will now only be stone for the next 1 to 6 actions.)

User may not deploy negate on himself/herself.  

Magnet: User may draw any projected attack intended for others to himself. Attack must be visible or known to the user. (Users will have a good idea of what an attack is. See the Sense function.) The intended target of the attack must be within the SAVE in meters from the user. This function successfully activates on a successful Contested Roll if the attack is of supernatural origin.  If the attack form is based on some other format, (weapons fire, thrown objects) the Magnet function activates on a successful Double Ones roll.

During game action, the player will inform the judge of any attack he wishes to use Magnet on. It is assumed that this is a landed attack, an attack which has hit its intended target. As opposed to rolling damage (or determining the effect upon) the target, such will be ascribed against the user. The user’s own defenses, such as damage reduction from DEFL may be applied, however the user is otherwise treated as if he has been hit and will suffer the full consequences of the attack.

Bestow: User has the ability to give one of his own powers to another person. The receiver of the ability will be endowed with the power at the user’s level and with all of the user’s options. There are two modes to this ability. In either mode, the user may only Bestow one power to one person at any time.

Mode One: User gives the ability to another person. For as long as the other person possesses the ability, the user is denied the ability. The user is effectively projecting his power through another person. The user is free to rescind the Bestow on any action. Either Bestowing or rescinding counts as an application of the Weirdo Magnet ability.

Mode Two: User is bestowing the ACT in actions of the ability, which may be deployed by the target at any time in the next SAVE in actions. In this mode, the user does not lose access to the ability. Bestowing in this mode requires the user and the target spend the ACT in actions of charging time. Once charged, the target is free to deploy the ability, regardless of range from the user. The user may rescind the ability at any time, but only if he is within SAVE in meters. Extending the duration of the ability further effectively makes it Mode One.  

Sense. User knows the nature and magnitude of any supernatural effect. Requires that the effect take place within the SAVE in meters from the user. This comprehensive knowledge is activated on a Double Ones roll if the user is the target or the effect, on a Contested Roll if someone or something nearby is the target of the effect and on a Doubles Only roll in all other cases.

Sense essentially reveals game mechanics behind an effect—what power caused it, what level it is, how much damage and range it has and other details. The user can sense extranormal potential in an individual or object on a successful Double Six roll. Otherwise the effect must have taken place in the relative recent past, the present or be ongoing.


Extend Range: 3 points per meter.

Bestow Function Only:  Cost 20 plus ACT. One mode only.

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