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Saturday, July 6, 2019

WDMA New Power: Bio Agent

User has the ability to promote rapid changes in biological matter. This is a somewhat cropped version of Elemental, meant to simulate the ability to control the growth of plants. It also can cover accelerating normal changes in any living thing. It has more influence over plants than it does animals or other fully autonomous lifeforms. (Whatever “other fully autonomous lifeform” may mean.) The ability can work on a mass of like plants up to the basestat level as if it were SIZE. (See the SIZE listing in the Character Dynamics unit. Match the basetat level to what its SIZE would be and that is the gross amount of alike plant matter that the power can affect.) This power is single target when it comes to animals.

Base Cost: 40 plus SAVE. Min Link: Mutant. Suggested Link: CON, WILL, STR. Ability Type: At Will. Ability Class: Ability Suite.

Attributes:  Adds ACT in points to HTH Damage. DEFL + ACT. HTK + SAVE.

Functions: User may deploy one of the following options at a time.  

Plant Effects: Can cause plants to grow instantly and in a specific direction. May order the limbs of such to reach out or tangle. May also order the plant to grow on or envelop a target. Rate of growth is equal to the ACT in meters per action. Tangle inflicted is equal to the ACT in dice. User may apply additional tangle to target, depending on the type of plant being used. Tangling someone with domesticated lawn grass would be limited. Tangling something with a tree when you are in a heavily wooded forest, is unlimited.

Harm/Heal: Range SAVE. Requires a standard combat roll to affect target. Heal restores ACT in dice HTK to a single target. Heal may not be used on self. Harm has three options
1.    As a standard attack, requires a successful combat roll and inflicts the ACT in dice of damage.
3.    As a special attack, requires both a successful combat roll and a successful stunt roll using the power’s linked level as the Active Level and the target’s CON as the defending level. Inflicts the SAVE in points of damage for the ACT in actions, bypassing the target’s DEFL. This option does not function on targets endowed with CONTAINMENT, BODY CONTROL  and potentially some other abilities.

Increase Damage: 3 allocation points per dice.
Increase Range: 1 allocation point per meter.

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