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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New Cover Reveal


Not all of my ideas are wonderful.  Shocking, I know, but true. I showed you our previous new cover along with my colored version.  That turned out about as well as I expected, with minimal muss and fuss. Our other cover was based on this model, which I made from an old comic and some clipping from a Sweat magazine.  Here it is...

Great idea, not very well done by yours truly.  I then handed the model off to an artist. 

Great guy. Real trippy Asian style. He indicated that he was inspired and would be back to me with something eye-opening.  Then... he came back and asked for more time.  Which I granted him.  Then... he said he was on it, but needed a little more time... Long story short, he was not able to do it and refunded my payment.  

So I was, a month or so later, off to the next artist. (Perhaps I should have gone back to Atula. Atula will get the next one, should I need it.) The next guy had no issue getting things done and sent me back this...

Loses a bit as line art. The model is actually the combination of two paintings. Using the model as my guide, I started to color it. 

The artist I chose does have a style somewhat similar to what I was shooting for, but without being so close as to get me into issues. What was going to make this thing sail or fail were the clouds and lighting effects.  I will spare you my efforts here. At some point it dawned on me that this was beyond my humble abilities. So I sent it to a professional colorist...

I'm still not sure how well this actually works or even if this is a good idea.  Weirdly, I now need three covers. More on that later... 

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