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Saturday, July 6, 2019

WDMA Ability Arsenal Update

The user possesses a capacity to launch near inerrant attacks on a limited basis. Whether this capacity reflects mnemonic focus, a mystical blessing or enhancements provided by devices should be determined by the character concept. The power only provides potential bonuses to the landing of attacks which cause physical damage and is primarily intended for those characters using weapons or deploying projected attack forms.  This is a slightly less supernatural version of BATTLE REFLEXES.

Base Cost: 15 plus SAVE. Min Link: Skilled. Suggested Link: AGIL, KNOW, PERC. Ability Type: Limited. Ability Class: Bonus. Equipment Discount: None.

Attributes: This ability has two complimentary functions.

Conditional Advantage Pool: Provides a pool of the ACT in points which may be applied to one or many attacks. Each pool point spent creates a Conditional Advantage of +1 per point. This pool renews on a 24-hour basis. Pool points may also be spent on activating this ability’s Special Advantages. Each Special Advantage costs two pool points.

Special Advantages: May either be purchased with pool points or triggered by an activation roll. Whether purchased or activated, only one advantage may be deployed on any one action.

            Advantage One: Double Ones roll to hit any target

            Advantage Two: Damage increased by ACT in dice

            Advantage Three: Successful hit reduces the target’s DEFL by SAVE for 1 to 6 actions.
Activation: Bound by a 24-hour cycle.
First Use: Successful Double Ones roll
Second Use: Successful Contested Roll
Third Use: Successful Doubles Only Roll
After the Third Use in a 24-hour period: Successful Double Six Roll.  

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