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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Warlords of Wonder World Cover Reveal

 When last I left you, I was musing over having some concept art redone for use as promotion for Weird Detective Mystery Adventures.  One of my ideas is still in the shop, but one has come back. For reference, my concept was based on this old Thrilling cover. 

An odd bit of pulp BEM horror, to be sure. With a little (sloppy) image manipulation, I turned it into this chunk of concept art. 

A bit more on-topic, as far as my game is concerned.  I then shipped the idea off to someone with actual artistic talent. 
As soon as I am done with the final edit on Weird Detective Mystery Adventures, I will find a colorist for this and do what I can for a logo. Atula did a wonderful job on this and I need to make sure that the colorist does not strip out his detail.  That may be a hit or miss proposition.  

I will share the Worlds of Fear cover if it ever comes in. 

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