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Friday, June 11, 2021

It's Coming... along... (I am an Idiot)


It's the cover master for our latest edition of WDMA! Under normal circumstances this would indicate progress. This is for the prototype and a few things have come to light which may set me back a tad.  Well, more than a tad.  My printer went out of business. I didn't have a job with this person as yet, but they did hand me the most equitable estimate. (Job here meaning an assignment to print.) The prototype people are very reasonable (and include ebook formatting) but I am not sure how they are going to do for a short run book such as this. 

Right now it looks like a short run book with some of its headers decapitated. Plus someone (me) seemingly repeated a page number. And there is a bit of artwork that I need to replace.  So other than having a potentially defective prototype, a galley with a repeated and labor intensive to fix error and no real printing options for the production run, I have made some real progress here. I think I will go into the pickle business. How hard can it be to screw up cucumbers? 

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